Welcome to the 2024 edition of Let’s Connect

Getting to Know Our Women Leaders

Welcome to the 2024 edition of Let’s Connect – Closing Deals in Heels! In this issue, we feature interviews with accomplished women who are leaders in our community.

The “Women in Business 2023” study by Grant Thornton showed that the percentage of women in senior leadership roles climbed to 32.4%. Growth was also significant at the highest levels in corporate America. In 2023, 28% of businesses had a woman CEO or managing director, a significant bump from 2019, when that number was only at 15%. The study also showed that the rising popularity of remote work and more flexible schedules has helped close the gender gap in leadership roles.

For many of the women interviewed for this issue, the availability of remote or hybrid work schedules has been a game changer. In addition to accommodating a better work/life balance, flexible work schedules have allowed women to be more efficient and productive.

Another prominent theme in this year’s interviews is the importance of finding a mentor as well as being a mentor to young women. Several women pointed out that they learned even more from guiding and interacting with up-and-coming leaders than they learned from their own mentors. Meeting new people in your field can help you discover new strategies and keep up with the latest trends.

Some interviewees mentioned that an overall lack of confidence still slows down some women’s progress on their path to success. In addition to building a supportive network of friends and colleagues, the best way to build confidence is to just keep working hard and solving problems as they arise. A strong track record can provide a life-changing confidence boost.

We hope you enjoy reading about these strong and innovative women leaders.

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