Welcome to the premiere issue of Let’s Connect – Closing Deals in Heels!

Many of you have shared your appreciation for our issues of West Shore Connect that feature dynamic women of Central Pennsylvania. You have also expressed admiration for our work on the Central PA Black Business Directory with Richard Utley of Utley Associates. Over the years, several people have asked, “Why don’t you do a directory for women?” In the fall of 2018, while away with my husband, Dave, I couldn’t get this idea out of my head. As I was enjoying a swim, the idea came to me to combine West Shore Connect and the women’s directory. When we returned, I began to make plans to launch the 2019 Let’s Connect – Closing Deals in Heels as a special edition of West Shore Connect.

Women-owned businesses are powerful engines that create jobs in the American economy, as they are the fastest-growing segment of new businesses. An analysis by American Express suggests that more than 200,000 women-owned businesses have been formed during the past year alone. This means that 550 new women-owned firms are created each day.

As a woman business owner, I know that we support each other and enjoy seeing the successes of women as they climb the corporate ladder as well. We are working on a web and social media presence to facilitate even more collaboration among women across Central PA. Each year, we will spotlight successful women.

Each woman shares insights into her unique experience as a business owner or executive. For more of an overall perspective, we also have an article by Carrie Stuart of the Gettysburg Adams Chamber of Commerce. It is one of two chambers in Central PA that have a woman executive director.

We hope you will enjoy reading about these women, and if you are a woman at the helm of your own business, or if you know one, please contact me to be included in our 2020 Let’s Connect Directory.

Finally, please consider doing business with the women spotlighted in this 2019 edition as well as our advertisers. It is up to the women of Central PA to make this tool a valuable resource. Please share it with others and help us continue to grow by participating in our 2020 issue.

Please email your comments to me at marsha@orisonpublishers.com.
Thanks for reading!

Marsha Blessing PUBLISHER